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Frequently Asked Questions

"Tattoo: A combination of belief, fact and fiction transfering fleeting thoughts into mortal permanence, disfiguring as to adorn." - Peter 'Pedro' Baldwin 2003

Q: Does getting a tattoo hurt?
A: Don't be so stupid, of course it bloody hurts!!!!! No, seriously, depending on how well you manage pain, it usually only causes some slight discomfort and can feel either slightly irritating or annoying to possible slight pain, similar to gravel rash.

Q: Can you do a tattoo of (__?????????__)
A: Mick is a Professional Artist. If you can Imagine it, he can Design & Tattoo it. Artwork especially created for you may require an art fee to be paid in advance to the design being produced. All Artwork and Designs remain the property of Maiden Ink Tattoos until Tattoo is completed and paid for in Full.
Q: How best do I care for my New Tattoo?
Remove dressing approx 1 - 2 hours after completion of tattoo and wash with warm soapy water using only your hand , giving it a good wash to remove any dried blood then pat dry will a soft clean towel. Apply an antiseptic cream (we use and recommend Bepanthan) rubbing into skin like a moisturiser, the area should not become soggy, nor should it become dry. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times /day until healed. Site will peel a bit like sunburn approx 5-8 days after receiving tattoo. Under no circumstances should your pick at, touch or rub tattooed area other than when cleaning and with clean hands. Ensure that site is kept clean and protected until healed.

I am going on vacation; Can I go swimming with my amazing, new tattoo?
A: When your Tattoo is healing, It is detrimental that you do not submerge it in water. Especially Salt water. This can cause harm to your wonderful artwork. When you are in doubt about this.. Please, come in and let your tattoo artist examine your tattoo and he will tell you.

Q: How OLD do I have to be if I want a tattoo?
A: You MUST be at least 18 years of age. IT'S THE LAW. You MUST produce photo I.D. and NO, You WILL NOT get a tattoo even if you bring in or have permission from a Parent or Legal Guardian.

Q: Can I bring KIDS in to the tattoo studio?
A: No! We DO NOT allow children under the age of 15 in to the studio. We are doing work that is very VERY VERY important to our clients. Even if your child is a little angel and The Milk of Human Kindness, Other people have little Caffeine Saturated Maniacs. We cannot allow your bundle of joy in the shop and make them keep their Hyperactive Son of Satan out. As you can appreciate, tattoos are permanent and the last thing any of us need is disruptions while trying to create your master piece.

Q: Is there any reason why someone shouldn't get a tattoo?
A: Pregnant women shouldn't get a tattoo, and people with a lot of chemical sensitivities or allergies should at least discuss this with their artist and doctor prior to getting work done, please advise us of these situations at out initial consultation. Anyone with immuno-depressed diseases or have difficulty healing on their own should seek advice. It is best to be in good health at the time of getting your Body Art. Please do not come into the studio if you have colds and flu's and do not arrange for Tattooing if you have unhealed sores or skin conditions.

Q: Can I get AIDS from a tattoo needle?
A: No! Tattoo needles are not hollow and do not puncture the skin deep enough to transfer the HIV virus. The needles we use are single use only and have been sterilized under our strict sterilization procedures in a Hospital grade autoclave. The inks that are used on you are single service. Nothing is reused to prevent any chance of cross contamination.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: That depends completely on the design you choose. Smaller tattoos cost on an average of $50. They go up from there. Arm bands average from $120 - $220. This should give you a general idea of pricing. Exact quotes can only be offered on designs of the wall, original tattoos are charged at an hourly rate. We can offer estimates, but this can change depending on the size and detail of your new Tattoo and the time spent creating it.

Q: Hey Man! Hook me up! Can I get a discount? What kinda deal can you give me?
A: Come on Folks, This is how we make a living, feed our families and pay our bills! Our prices are more than fair! The kinda deal we can give you is we will do a Great job on your tattoo and you will pay us for what that tattoo is worth. Remember: Good Tattoos aren't Cheap and Cheap Tattoo's aren't Good!!!!

Q: If I cut my arm where the tattoo is can it affect the tattoo?
A: If you cut yourself bad enough to scar then yes it will scar leaving a white line where the injury was. After approx 6 months, your Tattoo can be reworked to cover up any scaring.

Q: Will the quality of my tattoo last over time?
A: You have to take some precautions with your Body Art. When you go out into the sun make sure you use Sun Block on your tattoo. The sun will fade your tattoo very quickly without protection. You have to take care of it. Other than sun damage your Tattoo should still look good for many years.

Q: How come I have to wait so long?
A: If you arrive at the studio and there is a wait, please be patient. We don't rush our ART. Your time is important and so is the person in the chair. Ask how long until your turn and go grab a snack. You don't want us rushing do you, when there are people in line after you. ??? The best bet is to make a formal appointment and that way you are sure to get your work done at a certain time. Making an advanced booking does require a small deposit to be paid to secure the booking, this then comes off the final price of your Tattoo.

Q: How do you price a tattoo if the I have my own picture or drawing?
A: The design is priced by the amount of detail and time involved in creating your Body Art. Larger designs obviously cost more than smaller designs.

Q: Does the colour cost more than just Black?
A: No, you are paying for the amount of time and work involved with putting the tattoo on. You only pay for the time required to complete your Tattoo, coloured inks are the same price as black, but rule of thumb is coloured Tattoos usually take a little longer to complete.
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