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Browse through our categorised gallery of images and checkout what great work Mick has done.

Oriental / Jappanese
Images with an
asian inspiration.
Tribal & Celtic
Traditional tribal
characteristic tattoos. Celt, Gaelic and Erse Inspired tattoos.

Air Brush & Paintings
New to the line up is air
brushing and painting.

Famous idols, pics of
the kids or even the
family pet.
Misc. Coloured
Various traditional
coloured tattoos. A bit
of everything...
Traditional 'Black & White'
tattoo artwork.
Something with a
touch of class. Butterflies,
Flowers and Fairies...
Evil & Sadistic
Killer clowns, demons,
warriors, monsters
and other nasties!
From ears and noses
to something a little
more discreet.
Old tattoos given
new-life thanks to Mick.
Tattoos with a strange
organic theme to them,
almost alien...
Back Jobs
Just as the name suggests.
Backs full of great tattoo
Jumpin Johnny
Jumpin Johnny's Hot Rod Gallery, Hot Rod pics and Hot Rod Tat

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